Celeb sex Movies – Bijou Phillips

Yet another update everyone. Celeb sex Movies has this sweet video of Bijou Philips in her first sex scene. As you are accustomed Celeb movie delivers the best scenes of hot stars out there, and this makes no exceptions. Bijou has some extremely hot shapes that make the perfect body, every man would want to have. She gets a massage, and after she gets wet and hot she gets into a wild fuck fest with the masseur. So let’s not waste anymore tome to just bring you this simply gorgeous and sexy movie scene with this star getting her pussy pleased by a experienced guy.

It starts like any other massage session, as she asks him to take care of all of her body. Well he makes sure not to miss a single spot on her sexy body, and just as he’s about to be done, this sexy lady grabs his arm, and tells him that he missed a few spots guiding him to her ass and pussy to massage them as well for this scene. Sure enough this guy is more than happy to give this sexy babe a happy end to her massage, sot just sit back and watch the lady getting fucked as well. As always we’ll be seeing you next week, and make sure to check out the past updates as well for some more sexy scenes!


See Bijou Phillips getting screwed by a huge cock!

Celeb Movie – Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey makes her frist apperance at Celeb movie in force. In this scenes she can be seen first taking one dude and pleasuring him every way she knows. And after that we at Celebmovie have a bonus for you , one of her deleted scenes, where she does a group scene, both her and her friend fucked by two huge cocks. And let’s just say that there’s no super star more cock hungry than miss Sasha. Today we birng to you a nice and hot compilation of this sexy brunette babe as she has hot sex in various hot scenes just for your enjoyment, and as you’ll see, this babe enjoys every minute of it.


The first part has her getting it on with a nice stud that she met at a party, and the emphasis is on her sucking on that big cock with her juicy lips making the guy moan in pleasure. Well for the second scene, this sexy babe needs her sexy pussy pleased as well, as so you get to see her cunt pumped hard by a throbbing cock. In the third one, she and two of her fuck buddies engage in a nice and sexy all lady scene with some hot and sexy lesbian fuck scenes. And for the last one you get to see this babe joining another babe as they enjoy some nice latex and BDSM sex scenes with two more studs.

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Celeb Movie gallery – Sharon Stone

Again Celeb movie has the honor of presenting you with this latest Sharon Stone gallery. Take a peek over at celebmovie.com and see her pussy be filled by a hard large rod. She sure proves  she knows how to handle dick like a real slut in this scene. Enjoy the update everyone, we know we did! And no one can say no to Sharon Stone. Well it’s pretty obvious that this guy couldn’t resist her advances either in this shower scene where they got to have some nice and hard style sex for the cameras. So without further due let’s sit back and watch this superb babe have her nice and hot sex scene.

She was in the role of this superbly sexy woman that enjoys seducing guys, and she intended to make her move on this stud for quite a while. Sit back and watch as she goes for him in the sauna, and see her taking his cock for herself right then and there for the first part, and then see the couple continue their nice little fuck session in the shower too as the guy fucks this beautiful woman from behind making her moan in pleasure for the whole duration. As always we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be back next week with even more nice and fresh scenes. So, we’ll be seeing you then everyone!


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Celebmovie – Scarlett Johansson

 Celebmovie brings you in this update the hot and sexy Scarlett Johansson. See her pussy be ready for some serious pounding in this hot scene where she is roughly and thoroughly hammered. So for our brand new and sexy scene this fresh week we have the one and the only sexy beauty Scarlett Johansson as she enjoys a nice and relaxing afternoon with her boyfriend fucking the whole time for your viewing pleasure guys. The blonde seems to fancy having some passionate sex this afternoon and she knows exactly what to do to get her boyfriend interested.


They take a nice and long walk as she hints that the would fancy having sex, and the rain seems to catch them unprepared. Well they quickly head back home, and this sexy little lady allows the dude to take off her sexy clothes as they kiss and caress one another passionately for this nice and hot scene. Then you get to see miss Scarlett getting her pussy fucked from behind as the dude does a nice job of pleasing this horny and sexy little blonde for the afternoon. So just sit back and watch this blonde sexy babe getting her sweet pussy pounded, and do come back next week for more!

See Scarlett Johansson getting roughly hammered!

Salma Hayek – Rough Scene

One of the big names from the big screen is brought back to you today by Celeb movie in some very exciting scenes. Celebmovie delved deep in the archives and found one of Salma’s earlier works in an obscure movie. But still very hot nonetheless. She shows her tits and eager pussy, and later in the scene , she can be seen riding a hard stiff cock, like a champ. This sexy Latino porn star sure knows how to get any guy turned on and for our lovely and hot update this fine afternoon we have a superb and hot scene with the brunette babe enjoying some hard sex in front of the cameras in various scenes.

The first scene in from a older movie that she shot and you get to see the curly haired brunette having some nice and passionate sex on a silky bed as the guy pleases her lovely pussy. Then you get to see a scene with Salma as she gets fucked outdoors, and that continues with a like wise scene where she has a nice and hot sex scene on the beach side. And for the last hot and superb gallery you can watch her engage into some more passionate sex sessions with one more dude as she gets her cunt thoroughly pounded in front of the cameras. Enjoy it and see you next time like usual!


salma-hayek-receiving-a-rough-pussy-pounding See Salma Hayek receiving a rough pussy pounding!

Celeb Movie – Britney Spears

Woo is it hot in here or what? No, it’s just Celeb Movie bringing you the hottest pop singer out there. None other than Britney Spears. We have two of her most infamous scenes here just for you. One scene she appears to be doing an expert level blowjob on some extremely lucky guy, and in the second of her porn videos, she lets a whole bunch of guys empty their huge loads all over her pretty face like she’s a cum dumpster. Well, we know just how much this lovely pop queen has been inside your ehads, and today we have some nice scenes from her sex tapes to show off in all of their glory.


Miss Britney here may be acting naughty on stage as of late, but in case you missed it, there were rumors of this hot blonde getting even more naughty in private. And the result was a very sexy sex tape with this babe as she seems to show off her love for cocks. In the first scene, you get to see the horny blonde sucking and slurping on a cock with a passion as she does one nice and long blow job for one lucky unknown dude. And then, the second piece of interest, is the sexy blonde in a scene that she presents her mouth as guys jerk off to blow their loads on her cute face. We hope that you liked it and we’ll see you next time!


 Watch here dirty scenes from Britney Spears’s sex tape!

Celebmovie – Megan Fox

Megan Fox is is another well known name in the movie industry. Celebmovie is pleased to bring you this hot scene of her from one of her movies. It wasn’t easy but the crew at Celeb movie got their hands at some cut out footage from the film that didn’t quite make the final cut. So we have Megan all alone by herself when she decides to have some alone time. See her grabbing a dildo at celebmovie.com and fucking her tight pussy like a madwoman. It’s clear why the scene wasn’t added, but we bet you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. It’s quite nice to see Megan doing her pussy as hard as she does, since we rarely see her nude.

But when we do get to see her, she always reveals her simply incredible and sexy curves for the cameras without second thoughts. And for today we bring you a nice collection from this babe’s scenes as she shows off her sexy and hot body for the cameras. So basically you get to see this hot and sexy babe as she shows off her perky tits and nude body as she gets wild and naughty in the rain. For the last part of this nice scene you get to see Megan as she lays on her bed and starts to play with her lovely pussy just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. So see you next time!


 Watch here Megan Fox dildo-fucking her tight pussy!

Demi Moore – Hardcore Scene

Check out this Celeb movie scene with none other than the hot Demi Moore. This being the scenes that made all the men crazy about her body. Check her out having a nice and hard pussy workout right now. Demi’s body never  disappoints. We know that lost of you have fantasies in regards to this sexy babe, and in this superb scene we bring you the one and the only Demi Moore along with her superb body as you’ll get to see the sexy super star get it on with her man in the scenes of this superb movie today. So let’s get started without delay.



She and her boyfriend have a nice and long day of fucking planned ahead and you get to come along for the ride in this amazing scene today everyone. Watch her as she teases the guy in the bathroom first of all and see her as she then starts to ride his cock in the tub under the dripping hot water of the shower. Then they move to the bedroom to continue heir little fuck session and you get to see more of the sexy and hot Demi getting her pussy filled with some hard cock. So watch her have sex and see her moan in pleasure for this nice and hot update today.

Watch here Demi Moore getting a hard pussy workout!

Celeb movie – Cameron Diaz

Hey there! Celeb movie here again with a quick update. This week we bring you none other than Cameron Diaz. The blond actress that got every man fantasizing about her. Well look no more, she’s real and she’s here to put on a private nude show just for you. We have a fresh never before seen gallery with her at celebmovie.com, where she fingers her pussy for the camera. And we know that lots of you are fans of this blonde beauty and her perky body. So let’s not waste anymore time, and just see what she’s all about in this scene shall we?

The sexy and hot blonde takes the role of a naughty and sexy police officer, and takes that role because she’s a stripper in this movie and she was invited over by some dudes for a nice party. And this sexy blonde knows her stuff. So as soon as she comes inside, you get to see miss Diaz as she starts to take off her clothes and she’s more than sensual and sexy when doing it. Watch her showing off those perky and cute tits, and then see her take off her panties as well as she bends over to give some nice close ups of her naughty little pussy this fine day!


Check out gorgeous Cameron Diaz fingering her pussy!

Celeb Movie – Liz Tyler

Celeb Movie brings you Liz Tyler this week in this hot and erotic scene. Celebmovie got their hands on the footage from one of her movies where where she seduces this guy, as you will see in the gallery. After some coercing , she finally gets the guy to bang her, and of course they end up doing it hardcore. She does love having her pussy roughly fucked and filled by hard cock. But miss Liz Tyler isn’t here with just one sexy scene. She has more…Actually there’s six of them and all of them have her acting sexy and having some soft-core sex in her nice movie scenes.liz-tyler-taking-it-rough

So without further due, let’s sit back and watch as the sexy Liz presents her superbly hot and sexy scenes today. First off you get to see her acting all sexy and hot in a nice fantasy session as she soaps up a dude’s car while he enjoys her being all naughty and wild. The second scene has her playing all sexy and hard to get as she teases some men at a party by suggestively sucking on the champagne bottle in the hot scene. And the third one has the babe acting all sexy and sensual in a very nice and hot dress for that movie. Enjoy the rest of the scenes as well and see you next week!

See Liz Tyler getting her pussy roughly filled!

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